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''Come on, we have still work to do!'' screamed Drinian at the port, seeing that the crew wasn't working hard at all.

At least, they were already gone on sea. But if you do remember, the crew had work all night to charge the boat so that it would be ready to depart in the morning. That means they actually haven't sleep at all, not like our Kings and Queens here (although Edmund didn't sleep much).

Some of them wanted to reply they wanted to sleep, but they knew it as hopeless; Drinian wouldn't let them anyway, and arguing with him wasn't a good thing to do either.

The Princess saw that the crew was getting more and more tired, so she climbed to the port and got to Drinian. Peter and Edmund frowned at each other, not understanding what she was up to. They bought followed her quickly since she was already there. ''Maybe we should sent them to sleep.'' she said to Drinian, caring for her people.

''But, Your Majesty- '' he began, but even though Jade said the 'maybe', it was an order and you could see it in her look. It was rare she would use that look, but since Drinian wouldn't listen to her if she wouldn't have made herself clear...

''They need to sleep. After that they'll be happier and will work harder, which is better.'' she explained with a really serious tone. Arguing with Drinian probably wasn't the best thing to do, but still.

Drinian took a deep breath and Edmund thought he would shoot or something, but no. ''Alright, your Majesty.'' he just said with sighing. Right after, he started yelling the good news for the crew that was near of falling because they needed to sleep so bad. ''ALRIGHT, LOOK LIVELY, GET TO SLEEP.''

Nobody would say no. They didn't quite understand why Drinian wasn't hard on them by making them work all day without even sleeping, but still. They smiled a bit and got downstairs to get in some sleep.

''I don't know if you thought about it, Your Majesty, but someone will need to take over the job when all the crew is sleeping.'' added Drinian, still holding the steering wheel.

''Eh, I'm the man you'll need then.'' exclaimed Jade, making Drinian frown when the Princess mentioned she was a 'man'. She looked at Edmund and Peter. ''I think we will need to get changed soon enough then.'' she added, meaning that those two would help. Not that they didn't want though; even if they were kings, they weren't just going to stay there and wait to get to a land. They would help as much as the crew.

She dragged both of them to her cabin where she put all her clothes suited for a journey on the Dawn Treader; actually, she'll just wear the same clothes she wore on her first Journey on it.
The blonde threw something to Edmund and after that looked at Peter. ''Hm, you'll probably take Caspian's outfit, because I don't think you'll fit in mines.''

''You mean mine.'' said Edmund with a little smile.

Jade just shook his head like if she was saying no, but she had a little smile appearing on the corner of her lips. ''I'll come back when you two are changed so that I can get my clothes' on. I think Drinian needs help with the mast.''

''Wait for us, you can't do this alone.'' replied Peter with this over-protective tone of his.

Jade made the same move again before going out of the room. It wasn't long before the two got out - probably they were worried she would just get hurt by doing this alone -, because Jade didn't have the time to begin doing anything with the mast when they reached her.

She went in her cabin to get changed as quickly as possible - even though she was a girl, she was known for being pretty quick while changing - and when she got out of there, she looked exactly like she did five years ago on the Dawn Treader; she even had her sort-of-scarf that she was putting on her head to cover her long blonde hair.

''James's back on the Dawn Treader!'' she exclaimed proudly while getting to the mast where Peter and Edmund already did half of the job with Drinian and Hans -who didn't want to go sleep for some reason-.

They all stopped to catch their breath and smiled -maybe except Drinian who wasn't into smiling at all- while looking at Jade. Specially Edmund whom was finding this pretty funny.

''So she looked like that when you first met her?'' whispered Peter to Ed.

He just nodded before getting back to the job, but this time, James when and helped the only one that didn't go to sleep. Oh, yes, you might wonder where William and Eleanor are. Unfortunately, they are still there. Eleanor's just sitting while watching the boys with her big yellow dress; no, she hasn't change her outfit. As for William, he was downstairs, making sure if everything was there.

And now you might think; where is Lucy? She's probably downstairs too but I don't remember.

''Alright everyone!'' exclaimed Drinian, seeing the mast was good this way with the wind and such. He got back to the steering wheel and left the others at the mast.

* * *
''Land ho!'' heard Alyna; it actually woke her up. The voice was so dark and cruel and loud that it really did woke her up. Not that she was in a particular good sleep, but still. It had been maybe two days or less she had been in this hateful boat and she didn't know where she was; the creature didn't want to tell her anything about it. At least, she could eat, unlike Caspian who had to manage up something to get something to his mouth...

She was getting to be more and more worried, but she couldn't really do anything about it, otherwise she would get hit if she'd scream. She tried last time and both her and Caspian got hit by one of the man - because somehow this time it was a man -, which made them go to sleep immediately. At least, Caspian was getting more and more stronger.

Although, they had to talk very slowly in a whisper so that they wouldn't get caught talking with the other, because we could never know what will happen to them.

''Caspian, Caspian.'' she whispered, seeing that Caspian had been woke up too with the 'Land Ho' the cruel creature screamed to alert the others.

''Where do you think we are?'' he asked in a soft voice you would have when you just woke up, meaning that you would be really, really tired and wasn't all woken up yet.

''I don't have any idea.'' she answered while moving a bit to see if she could figure out something, but all she could see was both men -really tall men - walking or either beastly creatures she would have never imagined to meet in her life.

''And we got there in less than two days... This is odd.'' Caspian answered while looking at the roof.

As Caspian was going to talk again, Alyna made a move to make him shut up. He understood right away and shut his mouth. She heard something from the deck.

''Are we already at the Emperor's Islands?'' asked a rude voice; the monsters' one.

''We just passed them.'' answered with a victorious laugh another monster; the voice was still cruel enough...

But then the two walked away. As if it even mattered, Alyna knew what she needed to know. ''Caspian. We just passed the Emperor's Islands.''

''What? But the Emperor's Islands are least 7 days of Cair Paravel! And during this season the water is calmer than ever, yet nobody came downstairs...'' he said, really shocked and confused.

''That's what they said. Maybe their ship can sail faster than the Dawn Treader.'' suggested Alyna while listening; maybe they would come back and tell them more...

* * *
It was truly beautiful. Sure, men really wasn't into watching sunset and such, but still. The crew was still sleeping tightly and the two annoying ones (William and Eleanor) already went sleeping. Poor Hans fell asleep on a ramp in the middle of the day; at least, Edmund and Peter got him to the hammocks downstairs so that he could rest; he really needed it.

There wasn't much people on the deck of the Dawn Treader right now, but it didn't matter much, the ocean was rather calm for an evening.

Jade got near a ramp, smiling more than ever. ''I feel like being on the Dawn Treader again!'' she exclaimed.

Edmund got towards her with a mocking smile. ''We ARE on the Dawn Treader.'' As if she was stupid enough to not know.

''I meant like last time.'' Jade replied while rolling her eyes. She turned her back to Edmund, making her face the ocean with the beautiful sunset. It wasn't really long before the King did the same as she. ''I remember all the fights we had. There's still marks.'' she said with a laugh, referring to all the sword fights they had on this boat, before and after Edmund got out with her. ''It feels like it was only yesterday.'' she added with a little nostalgic tone, but she was still smiling.

''Yeah.'' just said Edmund while taking Jade's hand. At first, she was pretty surprised, but finally she just looked back at the sunset.

It was pretty cute and romantic though. The two of them didn't have much lovey-dovey cute and romantic moments like that, really, but it still did happen sometimes. I mean, every couple gets to those moments one time or another, don't they? Anyhow, -even tough Jade was finding this pretty queer-, she was enjoying it. She wouldn't say it because she would look totally stupid, but she liked the fact that Edmund just caught her hand up like this.

And so passed the next hour. When it was getting darker and darker, they both thought they might need to get to sleep. But when they got downstairs, they didn't stop holding hands till they met Lucy and Peter.

''This brings me back memories.'' said Edmund while looking at the hammocks down there. Just like last time.

''Oh-oh! Well this time you'll see that I can actually get on an hammock without even falling!'' Jade proudly explained while walking towards the one that was hers. ''I've travelled with Caspian and Alyna around Narnia and I fell only once!'' she added proudly.

But Edmund didn't believe her at all. I mean, she was always falling at least twice a day back on their last journey together on the Dawn Treader. He crossed his arms and waited to see this. Peter, though, didn't understand at all why she was saying this.

''See?'' she said while getting on one. But a second later, she fell. Edmund began to laugh. ''B-...but..'' she was mumbling, really confused. She got up and squinted. ''I'm sure it's your fault, it only happens when you're here!''

''Well I'll sleep on the opposite side over there if you want.'' proposed -in a joke way- Edmund while getting to the end of the boat.

''No!'' exclaimed Jade while taking Edmund's arm. ''What will I watch during the night?'' she said in the most serious way.

''I don't think this is supposed to make me feel wanting to stay here.'' replied Edmund while frowning. But yeah, he was making fun of her.

''Alright then, I'll sleep there.'' said Peter while going to take what should have been Edmund's hammock.

''No!!'' refused Ed, eyes wide open and 'protecting' his hammock from Peter.

The High King smiled amusingly at Jade which made her understand what he had been thinking about when he said this. She couldn't help but smile the same way. They had won over Edmund.

''I'll sleep there.'' he muttered while getting ready to sleep on the hammock. It was more to himself than to the others because otherwise he would have looked pretty stupid. But Edmund wasn't stupid. He did not face Jade when he got on his hammock.

Lucy, Peter and Jade looked all pretty much the same way; desesperated. Lucy rolled her eyes with a little smile before going back on deck -her (Jade's one but she wouldn't use it anyway) cabin was there- with Peter.

''Those two are something I must say.'' said Lucy to Peter while looking a bit exhausted of them.

''They are always like that I'm sure of it.'' said Peter with a laugh. Lucy nodded with a roll of her eyes; she hoped that when she'll fall in love, it would be different. Like a lot of girls, she was hoping for the lovey-dovey romantic couple. Not the one like Edmund and Jade whom were quite the opposite, really. ''I think it's cute.'' added Peter.

''They are always in some sort of competition between the other.'' replied Lucy, not understanding at all why the two were acting like that.

''Well what do you think it'll be like when you find love, Lu?'' asked Peter while looking at the ocean. ''Sometimes love doesn't turn out how you thought it would.''

''You sound like a grown-up who is talking to a kid.'' replied Lucy with a little laugh. Peter just smiled, but he was still watching the ocean.

''Yet neither of you are kids.'' said a voice behind them; William.

Both of the two Pevensie smiles faded. ''I think I'll go to the cabin to get in some sleep.'' said Lucy while going. But it probably wasn't the best thing to do; Peter didn't like at all William and he was just squinting right now. As if he was going to jump on him if he would say something wrong that didn't please the King.

''It's a tragedy that the King and Queen have been abducted.'' began William, getting to the ramp. ''I heard that this poisonous letter was addressed to Jade?'' he added, showing off a letter.

''How did you get this?'' asked Peter with a rude voice, still squinting.

''It was in the cabin.'' he just answered like if it was normal or something.

''And you had no right to take it.'' continued Peter with a more or less angry tone; he was, but he tried to contain his angriness towards him. It wasn't that much because he would go and take things he shouldn't in the cabin, but more because of everything else he did.

''I believe.'' began William while taking a step towards Peter with an high-and-mighty look like if he was a god or something; maybe you already -no, you surely- saw somebody looking at you like that, if he was somehow more important than you or something. So yeah, that kind of look and smile that was just making you feeling like punching the person.

That was the feeling Peter had.
And William made a pause before continuing talking, making it even worse. ''That I actually have the right, Your Majesty. I'm still the Princess' fiancé.

That actually made Peter even angrier. ''Not for long.'' he just answered while getting down to the hammock place where he could get in some sleep; although, he wasn't feeling like sleeping at all, really...

* * *
''If we are lucky, your Majesties, we will get to the Emperor's Island in 6 days.'' said Drinian to Edmund and Lucy whom were on the Port with him, still at the steering wheel.

''Is it that far?'' asked Lucy while frowning.

''The water is calm, Your Majesty. If the wind doesn't help us, we won't get there any soon.'' explained Drinian, looking at the mast.

''At least that means the others won't go fast.'' said a voice coming on the port; Jade. ''Talking about that, it's weird none of our guards have seen them.'' she added.

''They came probably during the storm when everybody was inside, Your Majesty.'' answered Drinian. ''But if they had the time to make that secret passage enchanted like you told me, that means that stayed here for a while.''

''Maybe they were already in Cair Paravel.'' suggested Edmund. All looked at him. ''I mean, they had a spy in the castle.'' he added, seeing that nobody quite understood what he said. ''He or she had the time to make that hallway enchanted and to put the letter and the map on the desk without us seeing it. And that person also waited for a storm or something to occur so that everybody would be inside and not seeing them.''

''Doubt it, but it might be.'' said Drinian.'' They still had to come inside and get the King and Queen, Your Majesty.''

''What tells us they didn't have others secret passages?'' proposed Edmund, a bit insulted by Drinian's reaction.

''If they know enough to enchant things...'' added Jade to support Ed.

''May I ask why is she on board? Dressed this way she won't be any help.'' Said Drinian out of the blue while looking at Eleanor who just got out of the cabin, yawning with another dress she had, still yellow. I probably was because she wanted to keep the 'shining' effect with putting yellow on her clothes.

All heads looked at the direction the Captain was looking. Jade rolled her eyes. ''I was asking myself the exact same thing.''

''I never even saw her before.'' added Drinian while frowning.

''You're lucky.'' said Edmund.

''She's William's little sister, Eleanor. She has something for Edmund.'' Jade exclaimed while rolling her eyes again. Edmund squinted while Drinian looked at him.

''I suppose I'm right by saying her Majesty would want to throw her off the Dawn Treader?'' said Drinian while looking back to Jade, but for once, he had a little -really, really little- amused smile on his face.

''Feel free to do it anytime you'd like, Drinian.''  answered the girl while laughing a bit and going on the deck. No, she didn't want to go and see Eleanor, she just wanted to help one of the crew member that seemed to have difficulties.
Edmund looked at Lucy, a bit confused about what Jade said about Eleanor having something for him. ''What did she meant?''

But Drinian answered; it was a bit weird though, as if he knew everything about girls. '' It meant that you must watch your back, Your Majesty. This Eleanor girl might just want to steal you away from the Princess.'' he explained while turning his head to face Edmund and Lucy.

The King frowned and had a disgusted face.  Lucy laughed a bit after Drinian's answer; ''I think that Jade will kill Eleanor before she does something too big.''

''Or just throw her off in the water.'' added Edmund, his face still a bit disgusted because of Eleanor.

Lucy began to laugh.

* * *
''I miss Eustace.'' sighed Jade.

''Our cousin you mean? You met him?'' asked Peter.

''Well of course! He's my best friend!'' said Jade, shocked. She really wished he was here; they had so much fun together on the Dawn Treader last time, specially when he was a dragon. Jade used to get on his back when he would fly and it was really something.

''I wonder why he didn't come.'' said Peter while turning around to look at the ocean; he was still wondering why he was here. Probably because Caspian and Alyna were now missing, but still, how could Aslan know this would have happened? If he knew, he could have stopped it, right?

''Yeah. I miss the sword fights we had, he was cute because he didn't know how to fight as boy'' said Jade with a laugh. ''At least he got really good later on, on our Journey back to Cair Paravel.''

''Well..'' began Peter with a grin. ''Maybe you'd want to have a little fight with someone more experienced?'' he asked while getting out his sword. It was late; the sun was near of going to sleep, but it didn't mattered much.

''I can't wait to see your face when I'll win.'' said Jade while laughing.

''Doubt that.'' he just answered with the same grin.

And so got out her magnificent sword and they began to fight. It wasn't long till all the crew on deck was watching them, stopping what they were doing. In fact, they all gathered around them to watch the fight that was indeed pretty interesting to see; both were really good and even if Jade was a girl, she knew damn well how to defend herself. In fact, she was probably better than anyone on this ship. She was training since the age of three, it was irrelevant that she had to be good. The practise makes it always better.

''I've got to admit, you're a pretty good fighter.'' said Peter while dodging Jade's attack.

''Didn't you see me while fighting Edmund last time?'' she replied while attacking another time, crossing blades with Peter.

''Yeah.'' he said between two attacks. ''But you seemed pretty angry last time.''

''I'm better when I'm not angry.'' answered Jade with a little smile.

It wasn't long before all of the crew stopped working to look the fight whom was pretty interesting, really. Even if it was a friend's fight, you would have had to admit that they were pretty concentrated and giving one hundred percent of what they had, which made them pretty exhausted after a while. But as always, the Princess of Narnia caught peter's sword just in time. The crew started applauding the victory of the Princess just when Drinian told them to get back to work.

''That was a pretty good fight.'' said Peter while catching his breath. ''You'll have to learn me your little trick of yours.''

''She'll kill you with her training, believe me.'' replied Edmund while rolling her eyes; he passed through it before and it was really, really exhausting. Jade wasn't giving him a break at all during the training.

''I'm not that bad, am I?'' exclaimed Jade with a little laugh.

''You are.'' answered Edmund in the most serious tone he had, which made him receive a glare from the blonde while she was squinting.

* * Five days later**

"Why is the water so calm?" asked Peter while looking at the ocean with a really confused look; they hadn't move at all during the day, which made all the crew really angry; they had to go and make the Dawn Treader move by themselves. In other words, they had to row. "We've been here for at least six days, we are supposed to be at the Emperor's Islands by now." Added Peter.

"We're long way from there." Said Edmund while looking at the horizon. There was only water, water, and water. Even though he was looking in his spyglass, he couldn't even see a glimpse of land.

"We should be seeing them, at least." Added Jade while talking the spyglass.

"But they are very little, Your Majesty." Corrected Drinian. "Besides, I believe I told you that it would talk longer, the water is very calm near the Emperor's Islands." He continued while looking at Edmund, who was the one who gave the idea about passing through the Emperor's Islands.

"But we're not even near yet.'' Said a voice behind the three; Jade, coming with Lucy.
"Then that means the others are going slow too…" suggested Lucy.

"Doubt that. We can't see them at all in the spyglass, Your Majesty. There's something that's making us going slow…I never saw the ocean like that." Replied Drinian while getting back to the steering wheel.

"Me either." Said Peter, still looking. "What's that sound?" he asked, referring to the melody he was listening to right now.

It was a girl's voice, well…many girls. The others were looking at each other in a pretty weird way, so they decided to come closer to the ramp to hear at what Peter was trying to hear. It wasn't long until they four of them found out from where that sound came. Il was from the back of the ship. They all got quickly there to see Nymphs whom where singing, it was truly beautiful. They were maybe five or six, all moving around the ship and singing their song.

"I think I recognize this song…" whispered Lucy while looking at the Nymphs. They were getting louder and louder, which made the crew stopping to row downstairs to listen.
[If you want to listen to the song, click on the link in the description :D]

"Didn't they sing this last time?" asked Edmund while looking at a Nymph whom was waving to him.

"I think they did." smiled Lucy while waving to three Nymphs at once.

As Edmund turned around to see if Jade remembered it, he actually found her dancing over the tune. It was actually pretty funny to see how she was transported by the music all around the Dawn Treader. She was so much into it that, near Edmund, she actually fell on something that /kinda/ was in her way. I mean, she shouldn't just go and dance on a boat without even looking where she was going. Besides, she didn't have any dancing skills, unlike Alyna for example, which made her an easy prey to falling.

"You shouldn't go and stop looking where you are going." Said Edmund, amused, while catching her. Knowing Jade, it was reluctant that she would fall.

"Then guide me." She answered in a joke way, but the King took it seriously. And so they started to dance, with that joyful and good song being played by the Nymphs as if it was just for them.

The princess couldn't help but smile because she found Edmund so cute, watching his feet like that so that he wouldn't fail in front of her. Otherwise, it was irrelevant that she would laugh of him and remind him to "not stop looking where you are going."

It wasn't long till Peter asked Lucy to dance, seeing that she seemed to be looking at Jade and Edmund with some envy in her eyes. Indeed, they both seemed to have so much fun together, just dancing like that. I mean, who wouldn't? The music was really entertaining and everybody on the ship tried to not start dancing. But instead, they caught themselves watching the two couple of dancers amusing themselves so much that made them regret to not join them.

Unfortunately for them, the only girl to dance with left was Eleanor.
That's the link for the music :) (you'll see in in the chapter ;))

Enjoy :D
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